Solargard Silver 50 Privacy Film

Solargard Silver 50 Privacy Film

This barn conversion near Newton Abbot, Devon required a privacy film whilst maintaining light levels. Residential window tinting requires a different approach than commercial tinting, finding that balance of light loss whilst enhancing the building with the most appropriate window film and at the same time increasing privacy. A full on Silver mirrored film can look odd and out of character, on this barn conversion we started with around 6 or 7 small reflective window film samples and then narrowed the choice down to 2. Then we provided 2 much larger samples so our customer could make a final choice which was the Silver 50.

Solargard Silver 50 has an exterior reflection of 27% so the effect is very subtle and when viewed externally it just seems like the glass is more reflective rather than mirrored like a Silver 35 or Silver 20. The Silver 50 also has a light transmission of 48% which maintains the light levels and prevent the rooms from being too dark, which on a barn conversion like this is very important.


Solargard Silver 50 Window Film Benefits

  • Total solar energy rejected 46%
  • Glare reduction 40%
  • UV protection +99%
  • Exterior reflection 27%
  • Visible light transmission 48%


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