Office Privacy Film Exeter

Hanita Silver 20 Exeter

Our latest installation for TLM in Exeter, Devon to add privacy to the new office windows for increased security. Hanita Silver 20 window film has a highly reflective external finish which provides maximum daytime privacy, high glare reduction and excellent solar control. Reducing heat build and glare by up to 80%, making your office much … Read more

Natural look finish window film with privacy Exeter

Hanita Silver 35 Exeter

Our latest residential installation in Exeter, Devon. Our customer required a medium privacy film with a natural look and finish from the inside and outside. Medium reflective window films provide increased light and often just make your windows look more shiny rather than the heavy mirrored finish of a dark privacy film. Hanita Silver 35 … Read more

Solargard Sterling 40 Exeter

Solargard Sterling 40 medium privacy film Exeter

Our latest medium privacy film installation in Exeter, Devon for a customer who wanted to increase the privacy in their home without losing too much light, the window film also needed to blend in with the rest of the glazing. Solargard Sterling 40 is the perfect choice for increasing residential privacy without the full on … Read more

Bedroom Privacy Film in Exeter

Hanita Silver 20 Residential Privacy Exeter

Our latest privacy film in Exeter for an overlooked bedroom. These windows were overlooked from a decking area on a neighbouring property. Hanita Silver 20 privacy film is the perfect solution for full daytime privacy, with its 60% highly reflective exterior it provides maximum privacy in most circumstances throughout the day. Of course at night … Read more

Residential Privacy Film Exeter

Hanita Silver 20 Privacy Film Exeter

Our latest residential privacy window film installation in Exeter, Devon. A highly reflective window film was required to add privacy to these kitchen windows overlooking the footpath and green. Most modern houses tend to be more overlooked from other properties, footpaths and parks. Hanita Silver 20 provides approx 60% external reflection and is the most … Read more

Titan Duo 05 Office Privacy Film

Titan Duo 05 Office Privacy Film

Our latest job was to add one way privacy to the office door at Millbrook Village, Exeter. It is very difficult to create one way privacy on internal windows in offices due to the light balance. Most reflective privacy films require a 1:4 light difference for the reflective surface to work which is easily achieved … Read more

Hanita Silver 20 GDPR Privacy

Hanita Silver 20 GDPR Privacy

Our latest window film installation in Bovey Tracey, Devon was to swop out a slightly less reflective film for Hanita Silver 20 privacy film to help with GDPR. Silver 20 reflective window film has 60% exterior reflectance which was a 50% increase over the old window film. The office had uprated office diffused lighting which … Read more

Frosting Clear Glazed Doors

Frosted Internal Doors

Our latest project in Spreyton, Devon on this fantastic property was to apply frosted window film to the internal clear glazed doors to add some privacy to the bedrooms. These doors had large semi-circular shaped glazed panels in clear glazing to allow lots of natural light into the rooms. For the bedrooms we added our … Read more

Frosted Film for Offices

Frosted Film for Offices, Sowton, Exeter

Frosted Film for Offices Our latest project in Sowton, Exeter was to apply frosted window film onto a couple of windows between an office and a meeting room to provide some privacy. A fast way to provide instant privacy with minimal disruption and easily removed if required in the future. Hanita Matte window film provides … Read more

The Walled Garden Privacy Film

The Walled Garden Privacy Film Our latest installation at The Walled Garden in Farringdon, Devon. This fabulous new home recently built to a very high standard was simply stunning inside and out. Obscure frosted privacy film was required for some glazing in a couple of rooms and the front door side glazing. Hanita Matte window … Read more

Obscure Window Film for Bedrooms

Frosted film internal view

Obscure Window Film for Bedrooms Our latest window tinting project was a large installation of obscure window film in Exeter at the Cadet Headquarters. Due to most of the rooms having bunk beds we obscured just over 50% of the glass. This retained some of the views whilst providing the necessary privacy levels. The old … Read more

Silver Privacy Film Exeter

Silver Reflective Privacy Film Exeter after installation

Silver Privacy Film Exeter This property required a Silver 20 window film in Exeter to provide increased privacy to the hall area. Our Hanita Silver 20 privacy window film provides full daytime privacy along with full UV protection and offers excellent solar heat rejection. This property already had some sort of reflective coating which was … Read more