AV Dual 09 Conservatory Glare

AV Dual 09 Conservatory Glare Reduction

Our latest project was to reduce glare coming in through a conservatory roof in Exeter. This conservatory was being used as an office and the customer had resorted to sellotaping black bin liners to the conservatory roof to block the sunlight and glare… Usually a dark window film around 20% light transmission reduces glare to … Read more

Park Home Glare Reduction NightScape 25

Park Home Glare Reduction NightScape 25

Our latest window film installation in Kingskerswell to reduce glare in a park home lounge. Johnsons NightScape range provides the perfect balance of privacy, solar control and low interior reflectivity. Its dual reflective technology of aluminium and dyed charcoal offers a soft natural look whilst dramatically reducing glare. The darker NightScape versions also enhance privacy … Read more

NightScape 25 Conservatory Window Tint

Johnson NightScape 25 Conservatory Window Film

Our latest NightScape 25 conservatory window tint in Honiton, Devon. This west-facing conservatory was suffering with the sun causing heat and glare issues. Johnson NightScape window films are a great choice for conservatory roofs with a low interior reflection and excellent solar heat control. The darker NightScape window films provide significant glare reduction and greater … Read more

AV Solar Bronze 20 Solar Control Window Film

Bronze Window Film for Heat and Glare Reduction

Our latest project in Stoke Gabriel, Devon was a conservatory roof which required window film to reduce the solar heat and glare. This south facing conservatory was suffering in the intense sunshine and needed a dark reflective window film to provide maximum heat control along with high glare reduction. The Solar Bronze also provided a … Read more

Johnson NightScape 25 Window Film

Benbow Group NightScape 25

Our latest solar film installation in Newton Abbot for the Benbow Group. Initially we were installing a Johnson NightScape 25 window film to reduce solar heat in the upper glazed area and reduce glare in the downstairs entrance lobby. Johnson NightScape window films are dual reflective making it a good choice for this inner glazing … Read more

Conservatory Roof Options

Conservatory Roof Titan Duo Window Film

Our latest Titan conservatory roof window tint for a customer in Newton Abbot, Devon. With a south-facing conservatory they were looking for a solution to heat and glare. After obtaining several astronomical quotes for converting their existing glass conservatory roof to a solid roof, they decided it was far cheaper to have the glass roof … Read more

Solargard Bronze 20 Glare Reduction

Solargard Bronze 20 Glare Reduction for Mulberry House Residential Home

This room at Mulberry House, Bovey Tracey was suffering from the harsh glare and making it uncomfortable for the resident. Having already installed Solargard Bronze 20 to a number of other rooms we upgraded the glazing here to match the rest of the rooms whilst providing 75% glare reduction.

NightScape Dual Reflective Film

Johnsons Nightscape 35 Window Film Exterior

Our latest NightScape Dual Reflective film installation completed in Chudleigh, Devon for this sunny office. This office required a window film to reduce glare on the computer screens without blocking too much light. Johnson NightScape 35 is a medium grade window film which is perfect when you wish to retain a bit more natural light. … Read more

Hanita Silver for Conservatory Glare Reduction

Hanita Silver for Conservatory Glare Reduction

Our latest window tinting project in Torquay to reduce glare. Not wishing to block too much light, Hanita Silver for conservatory glare reduction in a 35 grade is a good balance. This conservatory was suffering from the intense morning sunshine on one side. After looking at several film samples our customer opted for Hanita Silver … Read more