AV Spectral 70 Ashburton

Skylight Ashburton

Maximizing natural light while expertly managing heat and UV exposure, our latest skylight lantern installation in Ashburton incorporates the advanced technology of AV Spectral 70 window films, designed to bring an exceptional balance unrivaled by many other products. The multi-alloy solar control film is meticulously engineered to discriminate with precision across the solar spectrum, allowing … Read more

Sterling Solar Control St Leonards

Solar Control Window Film St Leonards Exeter

Our latest Solargard Sterling 50 solar control window film in St Leonards, Exeter. The Solargard Sterling series offers a good compromise if you are looking for a window film which is hardly noticeable and very lightly tinted, which preserves the external views along with good solar control.

Hanita Silver 35 Solar Control

Ipplepen Hanita Silver 35

Our latest project was this enormous triangular window and two roof panes in Ipplepen, Devon. This modernised bungalow in Ipplepen had a large glass extension which was getting extremely hot in the afternoon sun. Hanita Silver 35 window film offers excellent solar protection without substantially reducing incoming light. Hanita Silver 35 Benefits 31% Visible light … Read more

Office Glare Reduction Johnson Nightscape 07

Office Glare Reduction Johnson Nightscape 07 Exterior 2

Office Glare Reduction Johnson Nightscape 07 Our latest window tint was for the Princess Theatre in Torquay, Devon. Glare and heat reduction was required for this upstairs south-facing office which was suffering in the afternoon sun. Using computer screens and struggling with glare can cause headaches along with eye-strain.  Our customer opted for the Nightscape … Read more

Solargard Sterling 40 Residential Window Tint

Solargard Panorama Sterling Window Film

Solargard Sterling 40 Residential Window Tint Our latest job was a residential window tint in Budleigh Salterton, Devon for a customer who required a window film to increase privacy and reduce the solar heat from the south-facing windows. A reflective window film was required with a more subtle finish rather than the fully mirrored silver window … Read more

Solardome Window Tint Johnson MBL 20

Solardome Johnson Architectural Window Film

Solardome Window Tint Johnson MBL 20 Our latest window tinting project in Torquay – tinting a Solardome Pod. This Solardome Pod was suffering from intense heat build up due to the amount of glass.  With all day sunshine the heat was intense and almost unbearable. With such an unusual structure the choice of Johnson Window … Read more

Perlite Window Tinting Skylights

Perlite Window Tinting Skylights Installed

Perlite Window Tinting Skylights Today job was PerLite window tinting on some skylights in Thurlestone, Devon. These windows were allowing a lot of light and damaging UV rays into the room and the owner having had some Perlite window tinting previously installed decided to have the skylights done. These skylights were a little tricky to … Read more

Hanita Silver 20 Privacy Film

Silver 50 Privacy Film

Hanita Silver 20 Privacy Film Our latest project was a fairly large office window tint in Tiverton for Kaba in Tiverton, Devon. Increased privacy, glare reduction and solar control were required due to the south-facing windows especially with the low winter sun. Whilst the Hanita Silver 20 window film provides excellent privacy, glare and solar heat … Read more

Architectural Window Tint

Architectural Window Tint

Architectural Window Tint Following a successful installation of Johnsons MBL20 architectural window tint film back in April 2015, Shared Lives at Zealley House, Kingsteignton decided to have the two remaining south-facing windows tinted. Having great success with the MBL 20 window film in terms of glare reduction and solar heat control it was only logical … Read more

Ford Transit Connect Window Tinting

Ford Connect Tinting by Devon Window Tinting

Ford Transit Connect Window Tinting Ford Transit Connect window tinting carried out in Exeter for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. These new Ford Transit Connect vans only came with standard factory green tinted glass and required a limo black window film to obscure the occupants and occasional goods transported in the vehicles. We … Read more

Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film

Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film Comparison

Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film Another section of this office in Sowton, Exeter was also suffering with some glare and sunshine reflecting from an adjacent window tint in another building. With 79% glare reduction Hanita Silver 20 provides the perfect solution of glare reduction whilst maintaining 17% visible light transmission.

Silver 20 School Privacy Film

Silver 20 School Privacy Film

Silver 20 School Privacy Film This school in the Launceston area required a Silver 20 privacy film to be installed on the main foyer for an added layer of security. Having previously installed a Johnsons Architechural MBL 20 on the staffroom, a greater level of reflection was required on the main entrance. Silver 20 always … Read more