Garden Office Window Film

Garden Office Window Film

Our latest job was a garden office window film and garage privacy film installation in West Hill, Devon. This garden office had large windows allowing plenty of natural light in but this also allowed the sun to stream through with its west facing aspect. AV Spectral 70 window film is the perfect solution with its … Read more

Dayroom Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control with Hanita Silver 20

Our latest window film installation for the Step One charity in Newton Abbot. The dayroom was suffering from solar heat gain. We installed Hanita Silver 20 reflective window film, one of the best performing window films on the market. Hanita’s range of reflective films delivers high levels of solar control, a strong visual statement, effective … Read more

Solar Control Window Film South Hams

Solar Control Window Film

Our latest solar control window film installation carried out in Stoke Gabriel, South Hams. This was one of our more unusual projects where a solar control window film was required to reduce heat on this glass fronted new property with laminated & toughened combined units. Initially our customer opted for Johnson Architectural Blue (MBL 20) … Read more

Office House Privacy Film

Hanita Silver 20 Pottery Doors

Our latest window film installation in Bovey Tracey, Devon. Maximum privacy was the requirement on this project for the house and office windows. Hanita Silver 20 window film with its highly reflective finish provides full daytime privacy along with excellent heat rejection and glare reduction. Due to its popularity Silver reflective window film is usually … Read more

UPVC Heat Reduction

Hanita Silver 20 to reduce heat on door frame

This was one of our more unusual installations. These doors on Lydford House, Newton Abbot kept warping in the hot sunny weather. After adjusting the doors several times they decided to try a solar reflective window film to reduce some of the heat transfer from the glass into the upvc frames. We applied Hanita Silver … Read more

Kitchen Solar Control Window Film

Hanita Silver 20 Window Film installed to help reduce heat in this commercial kitchen

Following on from our installation a few weeks ago we were called back to Millbrook Village, Exeter to fit solar control window film in this commercial kitchen. The intense sun coupled with the high kitchen temperatures were making it unbearable to work in. Hanita Silver 20 reflective window film is the perfect solution for solar … Read more

Privacy Film in Brixham

Privacy Film in Brixham

This guest house in Brixham with a kitchen window near a walkway that needed a privacy film. Silver 20 window film is the most widely used privacy film in the window tinting industry due to its highly reflective finish providing instant daytime privacy, along with fantastic glare and heat reduction and a competitive price. Hanita … Read more

Hanita Silver 20 GDPR Privacy

Hanita Silver 20 GDPR Privacy

Our latest window film installation in Bovey Tracey, Devon was to swop out a slightly less reflective film for Hanita Silver 20 privacy film to help with GDPR. Silver 20 reflective window film has 60% exterior reflectance which was a 50% increase over the old window film. The office had uprated office diffused lighting which … Read more

Mirror Effect Privacy Film

Mirror Effect Privacy Film Devon ACF HQ

Our latest job in Exeter was to install some mirror effect window film to increase privacy and reduce the heat. For full daytime privacy our most popular window film is Hanita Silver 20 with a 12 year warranty. This highly reflective window film also provides 78% total solar energy rejection and 80% glare reduction.

Office Glare Reduction Silver 20

Office Glare Reduction Silver 20

Office Glare Reduction Silver 20 This office on Milber Trading Estate, Newton Abbot required a dark window film to block the glare from the sun. The south-facing office windows were allowing the full sunshine through onto the computer screens causing glare issues. Our best selling window film Hanita Silver 20 provides 79% glare reduction and … Read more

Reflective Window Film for Increased Privacy

Silver 20 Mirrored Window Film Harcombe House The Firefighters Charity

Reflective Window Film for Increased Privacy Our latest installation was on a bungalow in Chudleigh, Devon for the Firefighters Charity at Harcombe House. Having previously installed some Silver 20 external reflective window film to some laminated windows a couple of years ago and seeing the benefits reflective window film can provide, they decided the Silver … Read more

Window Film for Glare Reduction in Offices

Silver 20 Reflective Window Film for Glare Reduction in Offices

Window Film for Glare Reduction in Offices Our latest project was to provide glare reduction window film for some offices at Exeter Science Park to reduce glare from the sun shining onto the computer screens. Although we initially looked at this job back in May it was only recently that the sun started causing glare … Read more