New Nightscape Window Film for Conservatories

Johnsons Nightscape Window Film New Nightscape Window Film for Conservatories

New Nightscape Window Film for Conservatories Johnsons new Nightscape window film for conservatories, homes and offices.  One of the nicest looking films on the market has now been improved by Johnsons window films to provide 30% more Total Solar Energy Rejection. This has been achieved by adding a more reflective exterior whilst maintaining its unique … Read moreNew Nightscape Window Film for Conservatories

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film, all three windows with DN60 applied,

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film Our latest project in Teignmouth was an installation of Johnson Daylight Natural 60 window film to some patio doors. Initially the aim was to increase privacy and block UV rays but with a light room this is difficult to achieve unless you make all the window considerably darker and … Read moreJohnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film

Solardome Window Tint Johnson MBL 20

Solardome Johnson Architectural Window Film

Solardome Window Tint Johnson MBL 20 Our latest window tinting project in Torquay – tinting a Solardome Pod. This Solardome Pod was suffering from intense heat build up due to the amount of glass.  With all day sunshine the heat was intense and almost unbearable. With such an unusual structure the choice of Johnson Window … Read moreSolardome Window Tint Johnson MBL 20

Conservatory Solar Control

Solar Control and UV Fade Protection

Conservatory Solar Control Our latest project to provide solar control by installing window film to the conservatory roof in Teignmouth, Devon This Conservatory roof already had Pilkington Activ Blue glazing installed but the sun was still causing heat problems along with uv fading issues. Our customer chose Hanita Silver 20 to provide maximum solar heat … Read moreConservatory Solar Control

New Improved NightScape NS15

New Improved NightScape NS15

New Improved NightScape NS15 Johnsons new improved NightScape NS15 window film offers a far superior 72% heat reduction – up from 52%, also glare reduction has been increased to 84%. Several of the Johnson NightScape window films have been given a major overhaul, with added reflectivity to the exterior surface of the film which dramatically … Read moreNew Improved NightScape NS15

Conservatory Glare Reduction

Conservatory Glare Reduction 84%

Conservatory Glare Reduction Often conservatories added to bungalows suffer from extra glare and solar heat problems due to the lower roofs allowing far more sunshine in throughout the day. Glare and solar heat were making this conservatory in East Devon unusable at certain times of the year. Johnson Nightscape window film range offer a variety … Read moreConservatory Glare Reduction

Solar Bronze Window Film

Solar Bronze Window Film after

Solar Bronze Window Film This south-facing conservatory in Chudleigh had Solar Bronze window film installed to provide better solar heat control. The old fitted sun blinds had deteriorated and also acted as a fly trap making it hard to keep clean. The Solargard Solar Bronze 20 provides excellent solar heat rejection and glare reduction, with … Read moreSolar Bronze Window Film

Solargard Solar Bronze 20

Solargard Solar Bronze Window Film

Solargard Solar Bronze 20 This conservatory in Exminster required heat reduction and the old roof blinds had deteriorated leaving gaps for the sunlight to shine through. Solargard Solar Bronze window film offers a warm bronze finish to the existing glazing. The Solar Bronze 20 HC provides high solar heat rejection and significant glare reduction along … Read moreSolargard Solar Bronze 20

Architectural MBL 20

Johnsons Architectural MBL 20 Window Film

Architectural MBL 20 Window Film Johnsons Architectural MBL 20 window film applied to a conservatory roof to reduce the heat build up during the day. The Architectural MBL 20 window film is highly reflective and delivers excellent heat rejection whilst also reducing glare. All Johnson’s Architectural window films have bold distinct colours which will enhance … Read moreArchitectural MBL 20

Glare Reduction Window Film

NightScape Window Film

Glare Reduction Window Film This conservatory roof window film installation was due to the extreme sun glare. By adding Johnsons NightScape NS15 window film we were able to eliminate most of the glare whilst also reducing the solar heat. With its low reflectivity the NightScape window film offers excellent daytime and evening views to the … Read moreGlare Reduction Window Film

Visible Light Transmission

window film and the human eye's perception

Visible Light Transmission, Window Film & Your Eyes When discussing suitable window films with customers there is often concern in regard to the loss of light making the internal rooms dark. This concern is often more perception than reality. The human eye works just like a camera lense, adjusting to the reduction of light and … Read moreVisible Light Transmission

Dermagard UV Protection

UV Filter Film

Dermagard UV Protection Window Film The priority on this window film installation was to provide maximum UV Protection whilst preserving the looks of this classical south facing former rectory in Devon . Dermagard UV Filter Film from Hanita provides one of the highest levels of protection from UV radiation available. Reducing 99.8% of UVA and … Read moreDermagard UV Protection