Window film installations for commercial offices, shops, local authorities, government agencies, schools, homes and conservatories.

Commercial Window Film for Solar Control and Glare Reduction

Commercial window films for solar control and glare reduction.

99% UV protection
93% Glare reduction
80% Solar heat rejection



Residential Window Films for Heat, Glare and UV Protection.

Residential window films for superior heat, glare and uv protection.

Reduce heat
Reduce glare
Reduce fading



Car Tints, Global QDP Window Film add a touch of class to your glass!

Global QDP to enhance your vehicle, colour stable with exceptional quality.

UV protection
Enhanced privacy and style
Matches factory tinted glass


Car Tints

Conservatory Window Film for Solar Control and Glare Reduction

Conservatory window films to increase comfort and reduce glare.

Reduces glare
UV barrier reduces fading
Less expensive than blinds



Safety window film & Security window film provides an optically clear barrier that is retrofitted to the inside of your window. It reinforces glass, helping to hold it safely in place should an attempted break-in, personal impact, natural disaster or explosion occur.

Safety window films to reinforce glazing and improve security.

BS6206 EN12600
High tensile polyester
Health & Safety Regulation 14


Safety & Security

Solar control window films from all the leading manufacturers – Solargard, Johnson Window Films & Hanita Coatings. Our films reduce glare, improve energy performance and block harmful UV radiation.

Solar Control window films reduce glare, uv and improve energy performance.

Increases workplace comfort
Block glare to minimise headaches
Reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat


Solar Control

Hanita Anti Graffiti window film is used to eliminate expensive glass-damaging vandalism or damage to glass in high traffic areas.

Anti Graffiti window film eliminates expensive glass-damaging vandalism.

Invisible protection
Sacrificial barrier against graffiti
Removable without adhesive residue


Anti Graffiti

Dermagard Window Film UV Protection – A specially developed clear Ultra-Violet film that removes harmful uv whilst allowing visible light to pass unhindered.

Dermagard window film removes uv rays whist allowing light to pass through.

UV protection SPF +285
Removes harmful uv rays 99.8%
Museum grade anti fade protection


UV Anti-Fade

We stock a wide range of mirrored privacy films / reflective window films. These provide maximum daytime privacy with a mirrored finish.

Privacy window film for maximum daytime privacy with a reflective finish.

Full daytime privacy
Highly reflective mirrored finish
Maximum heat and glare reduction



Solar Control Window Film

High performance window film for maximum solar control & glare reduction.


Solar Control, Safety and Security, Glare Reduction, Privacy, Automotive and UV Protection films

Solar Control and Glare Reduction Window Film

Commercial & Residential Glazing Solutions

Devon Window Tinting – Specialist installers of a wide range of Architectural Window Films throughout the United Kingdom.

Working for the commercial, retail and residential sectors we have completed a wide variety of film installations from commercial offices, shops, local authority, government agencies, schools, homes and conservatories.

We can offer free advice, quotations and film samples to help you choose the right products.

We supply and fit window films from all the leading manufacturers, this enables us to tailor our films to meet your specific requirements.

Architectural Solar Heat Rejection

Solar heat pours in through unprotected windows, causing uneven temperatures, hotspots and a constant battle with air conditioning. Our windows films keep up to 80% of solar energy out buildings, resulting in a cooler, more controllable climate. We provide low emissivity (Low E) films, which reduces external solar heat gain during the summer months and reduces expensive heat loss through the glass in winter.

We provide a wide range of privacy window films, reflective window film and mirrored film for increased privacy and superior solar control. For superior UV Protection we have Dermagard and our standard UV filter films which provide uv anti-fade control from sunlight, blocking 99.8% of uv rays and also providing uv protection of at least SPF +285.

Our popular White Matte frosted window film has a translucent sand-blasted effect giving a modern look to your glazing and meeting retrospective planning requirements. A cost effective solution instead of replacing the existing glazing.

Dermagard UV Anti Fade Privacy Window Film Solar Control

Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Glass Enhancement

Devon Window Tinting provides specialist automotive window tinting within the Devon area to most vehicles.

We stock many different films to suit all requirements and also provide a film removal service.

Global QDP automotive window film can reduce solar energy by up to 47%, provides 99% uv protection, 94% reduced glare and increased comfort. Upgrade your vehicle and add a touch of class and style with Global.

Transform your windows – with a quality installation.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Designer frosted and opaque window film gives total privacy day & night.