Nightscape Window Film Exeter

Johnson Nightscape Window Film CLH Exeter

Our most recent project took us back to CLH at Marsh Barton, Exeter, where we had the pleasure of installing additional Nightscape window film. This return visit, coming around three years after our initial installation, emphasizes the long-standing relationship we hold with our clients and our commitment to continuously meet their evolving needs. The Nightscape … Read more

Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

AV Spectral Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

Living in Dawlish with its sun-soaked days sounds delightful, but it can present a challenge when it comes to controlling the amount of solar gain within your home or office without sacrificing the natural light. The solution? Spectrally selective multi-alloy solar control films designed for such situations. These innovative films work by being highly selective … Read more

Glare Reduction Truro Casino

Admiral Casino Glare Reduction Truro

The challenge of curtailing glare and enhancing comfort at the Admiral Casino in Truro has been successfully taken head-on with our latest project. The application of Hanita Titan Duo specialised window film has significantly reduced the amount of glare infiltrating the casino environment, providing patrons with a more visually comfortable gaming experience. Particular attention was … Read more

AV Bronze Window Film Holne

Solar Control Window Film Holne

If you’re looking for a way to make your conservatory more comfortable during the sunny days, you might be interested in our latest project. We recently completed a conservatory roof window film installation in Holne, Devon, designed specifically to reduce unwanted heat and glare. Enhanced Comfort with Window Film The challenge in conservatories is often … Read more

Velux Solar Control Window Film Paignton

Velux Solar Control Window Film Paignton

Our latest window film installation in Paignton. This south facing property required solar control window film without too much light loss on the main glazing and velux windows. The French doors required reasonable privacy as they faced the neighbouring property. Solargard Sterling 50 window film provided a good balance of light whilst offering substantial heat … Read more

Residential Privacy Film Cranbrook

Residential Privacy Film Cranbrook

Solargard Sterling 40 installed on this residential property in Cranbrook, Exeter. For residential privacy a medium tinted film offers a more subtle privacy effect whilst maintaining natural light levels. Sterling 40 provides substantial heat and glare reduction, added privacy, and adequate natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside with a subtle, … Read more

Teignmouth Medium Privacy Film

Hanita Silver 35 Privacy Film in Teignmouth

Our latest privacy film project for a holiday let in Teignmouth, Devon. These bedroom windows were along a balcony and required a medium reflective window film to keep the light aspect whilst increasing privacy for the occupants. Hanita Silver 35 is a medium grade privacy film, medium reflective window film will maintain reasonable light levels … Read more

White Opaque Window Film Kingsteignton

Tesco Express Kingsteignton White Opaque

Our latest window film installation was at the Tesco Express in Kingsteignton, Devon. The shop window needed a solid film similar to the existing vinyl to match and obscure the till area. Solargard Decorative films are water resistant, scratch resistant, easy to maintain and simple to change for new styles and designs. They come in … Read more

South Hams Solar Control Window Film

Solargard Sterling 50 Solar Control Window Film in Loddiswell

Our latest project in the South Hams was to install a solar control window film to this property in Loddiswell. The customer wanted a window film that wasn’t particularly reflective and provided a good balance of light and solar control. The Solargard Sterling range of window films are a good choice for residential properties, with … Read more

Privacy Film Heathfield

Reflective Window Film Heathfield

This office at Heathfield Industrial Estate required a window film to increase privacy whilst also reducing heat and glare. Hanita Silver 20 window film is the ideal solution for increasing privacy with its highly reflective mirror finish providing maximum daytime privacy. Reducing glare by 79% and reducing solar energy by 70%. For a wide range … Read more

Hanita Matte Window Film for Orangeries

Hanita Matte Window Film for Orangeries

This grand orangery in Torquay, Devon required frosted window film to three large windows overlooking a neighbouring property to obtain the final planning sign-off. Although the conditions were far from ideal in terms of dust we still managed to get these extremely large pieces of frosted window film on perfectly. Hanita Matte window film – … Read more

VW Transporter T5 Window Tint

VW Transporter T5 Window Tint

Our latest job at Buyrite in Newton Abbot was a VW Transporter T5 window tint in limo black. Although this van had privacy glass from the factory it isn’t really dark enough to protect the contents from prying eyes. With our Global QDP 05 limo tint the windows are darkened down, this makes it extremely … Read more