Clear Solar Control Window Film Sidmouth

Skylight Window Film Sidmouth

Our latest project in Sidmouth, Devon was to apply a virtually clear high performing solar control window film to these skylights to reduce the heat build up. The main requirement of this job was to reduce the solar heat without losing light. AV Spectral 70 is a Spectrally selective multi alloy solar control window film. … Read more

Natural look finish window film with privacy Exeter

Hanita Silver 35 Exeter

Our latest residential installation in Exeter, Devon. Our customer required a medium privacy film with a natural look and finish from the inside and outside. Medium reflective window films provide increased light and often just make your windows look more shiny rather than the heavy mirrored finish of a dark privacy film. Hanita Silver 35 … Read more

Medium Privacy Film for Hotels

Sid Valley Country House Hotel Sterling 40 Privacy Film

Our latest Solargard Sterling 40 window film installation near Sidbury, Devon for the Sid Valley Country House Hotel. This job followed on from a recent installation we carried out at Woodleys joinery in Newton Poppleford who supplied some new windows for the hotel. Having already fitted Sterling 40 to these windows we installed some more … Read more

Frosted Bathroom Window Film

Hanita Matte Obscure film for bathrooms Torquay

Our latest frosted window film installation in Torquay, Devon. This renovated flat needed frosted window film on the bathroom door after it was fitted with clear glazing. Hanita Matte 2Mil window film provides complete privacy for bathrooms and other areas which need to be screened off, a great choice for retro fitting when the incorrectly … Read more

Atrium UV Installation Dartmouth

AV Dermagard UV Fade Protection for Atriums Dartmouth

This atrium glazing on a property near Dartmouth required a clear window film to provide uv fade protection. AV Dermagard filter film blocks 99.8% of ultra violet light at 380nm range. Ideal for helping to reduce fading and degradation to furniture and fittings. Used extensible to help reduce the effects of XP skin conditions. AV … Read more

Mirror Blue Skylight Film Exeter

Skylight Tinting Exeter Johnson MBL20 Glare Reduction

Our latest window film installation on some skylights in Exeter. These skylights were too light and causing glare issues. For this type of situation normally any window film with around 20% light transmission will reduce glare by approx 70-80%. Our customer opted for Johnsons Mirror Blue 20 (MBL20) window film which reduces glare by 78% … Read more

Dermagard Window Film Exeter

Dermagard UV window film Exeter

Our latest Dermagard installation in Exeter to provide 99.9% uv protection for the homeowner. Having had Hanita Dermagard UV blocking window film installed around 12 years ago our customer decided to have the window film replaced to ensure there was no reduction in the levels of uv protection provided. Most window films have a 12 … Read more

Mirror Blue Window Film Paignton

Architectural Window Film MBL20

Our latest window film installation for The Boathouse bar and grill in Paignton, Devon. These windows were west facing and in the afternoon the sunshine was too intense causing glare problems for diners. Johnson’s architectural window film range features coloured metallised films in striking reflective colours. Available in Blue, Green or Gold these films will … Read more

Minster Glass Coloured Diamonds

The Ivy AV Colour Diamonds Exeter

This was one of our more unusual projects for The Ivy restaurant in Exeter. The entrance to the restaurant had been fitted with clear minster glass which required some random coloured diamonds to match the glazing in other Ivy restaurants which have a stained glass appearance. The AV Coloured window film range enabled us to … Read more

Somerset Frosted Window Film

Hanita Matte Obscure Privacy Film

Our latest job for Lancer Scott in Yatton, Somerset. This refurbished care home required frosted window film to numerous rooms to provide additional privacy. Hanita Matte window film is perfect for bathrooms, screening unsightly areas and for clear glazing which needs frosting for planning issues. Matte white films give a translucent sandblasted effect, adding privacy or … Read more

Privacy Film in Axminster

Hanita Silver 35 Residential Window Film Axminster

Our latest medium privacy film installation on a bungalow in Axminster, Devon. After looking at a wide range of medium window film samples our customer opted for Hanita Silver 35 window film. Silver 35 has an external reflectance of 44% which provides good daytime privacy whilst maintaining light levels, along with substantial heat and glare … Read more

Solar Heat Reduction Exeter

AV Spectral 70 Millbrook Exeter

Our latest job was to install a multi alloy spectrally selective window film at Millbrook Village in Exeter to reduce solar heat. With a nice outlook our customer required a window film which would provide significant solar heat reduction but without losing light. AV Spectral 70 is a multi alloy window film designed to act … Read more