Hotel Privacy Film Dartmouth

Dartmouth Privacy Film Pool Windows

Our latest window film installation was for the Dartmouth Hotel in Devon. The swimming pool and jacuzzi area required a reflective window film to increase privacy in the swimming pool and jacuzzi areas. This was one of our more challenging jobs as there wasn’t much space in the window alcoves and the temperature was 30°C … Read more

Hanita Titan 20 External Window Film

Tesco Express Teignmouth External Privacy Film

Our latest job in Teignmouth for the local Tesco Express. These forecourt windows had been tinted and the film was gradually deteriorating. After visiting and testing several different swatches the normal silver window film was too reflective to match. Hanita Titan 20 was an almost perfect match with a slightly less reflective outer surface and … Read more

Medium Privacy Film Lapford

Triple Glazing External Privacy Film

Our latest medium privacy tint in Lapford. Due to the windows being triple glazed we used an external window film which is safer and doesn’t cause any breakage issues. For residential privacy films we recommend a medium reflective window film which provides a reasonable amount of privacy and will also maintain adequate light levels. AV … Read more

Medium Privacy Film Honiton

Medium Privacy Film Honiton

Our latest medium privacy film installation in Honiton. This property had cats and net curtains – hence the window film requirement! Our customer wanted to remove the net curtains but keep the privacy aspect. Initially they chose Solargard Sterling 40 but due to the dual aspect we tested the Hanita Silver 35 alongside it. Silver … Read more

AV Spectral UV Protection Torquay

AV Spectral UV Protection Torquay

Our latest AV Spectral installation in Torquay to reducing fading. AV Spectral 70 is a spectrally selective multi alloy solar control window film. Designed to be selective in the solar light spectrum offering the best possible compromise between transparency and performance. AV Spectral is a great choice when you require uv fade protection and a … Read more

Care Home Frosted Glass in Bathroom

Hanita Matte Frosted Film Somerset

Our latest frosted film installation in Yatton, Somerset for a refurbished care home. Several months ago we frosted various windows on this care home and as the project nears completion the last few bathroom windows still required obscure glazing to give privacy to the residents. Hanita Matte frosted window film with its translucent sand-blasted effect … Read more

Frosted Window Film with Vision Gap

Hanita Matte Frosted Window Film with Vision Gap

Our latest frosted window film installation in Torquay, Devon. This large ensuite bathroom had clear glazing which provided no privacy. Our customer didn’t want to lose the view from these large windows but needed increased privacy, they opted to frost a section of the windows and also had large vision gap around the edges which … Read more

Privacy Film for Bottom Half of Window

Silver 20 Privacy Half Window Exeter

Our latest privacy film installation in Exeter was on a residential property which was now overlooked by a student accommodation block. Our customer wanted to keep as much light as possible whilst increasing the privacy at the same time. There is a risk when only applying window film to part of a window that the … Read more

Glare Reduction Torquay

Hanita Silver 20 Torquay

Our latest window film installation in Torquay, Devon. This grand house required a dark window film to reduce the glare and also to protect the interior furnishings. With old painted frames and arched tops this was a bit more technical than most window tinting jobs. Hanita Silver 20 provides up to 80% glare reduction and … Read more

Office Privacy Film Exeter

Hanita Silver 20 Exeter

Our latest installation for TLM in Exeter, Devon to add privacy to the new office windows for increased security. Hanita Silver 20 window film has a highly reflective external finish which provides maximum daytime privacy, high glare reduction and excellent solar control. Reducing heat build and glare by up to 80%, making your office much … Read more

Office Tinting Okehampton

Quantum Cryogenics Solar Control Window Film Okehampton

Our latest window film installation in Okehampton, Devon for Quantum. Having installed window film on the main offices in 2017, this new office extension required the same Solargard Sterling 40 window film to reduce the heat and glare whilst maintaining adequate light levels. Sterling 40 is the perfect window film for medium privacy along with … Read more

Hanita Titan 5 Office Tint Exeter

Hanita Titan 5 Window Film

Our latest window film installation in Exeter, Devon for Original Style. Back in 2016 we installed Hanita Titan window film to their offices to reduce glare and solar heat. These new offices required the same film, Titan 5 is one of the highest glare reducing films available providing 91% glare reduction, 71% total solar energy … Read more