Frosted Window Film

Hanita matte frosted window film available in transclulent white or matte grey is the perfect choice for increased privacy and a modern alternative to net curtains. With a subtle translucent sandblasted effect which maintains high light levels whilst providing maximum privacy throughout the day.

Frosted film offers a cost-effective solution to retrospective planning issues rather than replacing expensive glazing. The translucent sandblasted finish turns a normal window into obscure glazing which will meet planning regulations.

Ideal for overlooked windows, increased privacy in bathrooms or to screen off offices, partitions or rooms converted to storage areas.

Hanita matte window film is also available combined with 4mil safety film to provide increased safety in your home or workplace environment. This enables you to upgrade your existing glazing to meet or exceed EN 12600 Class 2B2 BS6206 Class B.

If you require full obscuration consider our white out and black out opaque privacy window films, great for screening with its solid finish.

We also have our extensive range of Decorative Window Films from Solyx and Llumar which provide a wonderful choice of finishes on glass. Providing unlimited decorative design ideas with etched and frosted films and numerous gradient, patterned, coloured, speciality and stained glass films all installed to the highest standards.

Frosted Window Film

  • Maximum privacy
  • High light levels
  • Designer finish
  • Translucent sandblasted effect
  • Obscured film for planning regulations
  • Opaque window films
Obscure Frosted Window Film
Obscure Frosted Window Film