NightScape Conservatory Roof Tint

In Teignmouth, a discerning homeowner has recognised the value of consistent solar control throughout their conservatory. Originally having installed window film on only half of the roof last year, they’ve opted to extend this protection to the remaining sections. By completing the installation of the window film across the entire roof, the customer is not … Read more

Velux Solar Control Film Stover

Hanita Silver Solar Control Stover

Our latest solar control window film installation at Regency Court, Stover. To reduce the summer heat we used Hanita Silver 35 for the top panes and a similar external film for the velux openers to reduce the risk of thermal breakage on the laminated inner panes – Total Solar Energy Rejected 58% For a wide … Read more

Solar Control Window Film Shaldon

Solar Control Window Film Shaldon

Our latest solar control window film installation on the glazed gable section in Shaldon. Solargard Sterling 50 was used to improve solar control whilst retaining the natural appearance of the glazing. Sterling 50 provides substantial heat and glare reduction, added privacy, and ample natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside … Read more

Nightscape Solar Control Teignmouth

Johnsons Nightscape Solar Control Teignmouth

Our latest Conservatory Roof window film installation in Teignmouth to provide better Solar Control. Johnsons Nightscape range offers excellent solar control along with neutral interior views.

Sports Centre Solar Control

Broadmeadow Window Film completed in Hanita Silver 20

Our latest project was a large Sports Centre in Broadmeadow, Teignmouth which was suffering from intense solar heat due to the large expanse of glazing. The glazing is south and south west facing which meant the solar heat was unbearable. The windows already had a window film installed which had degraded and failed some time … Read more

Does Window Film Affect Plants?

Homecourt Exeter Solargard Sterling 40

Our latest Solargard Sterling 40 window film installation at Homecourt, Exeter. Our customer required a window film to reduce the solar heat whilst allowing light through to help the plants grow. How does window film affect plants? Modern window films are designed to reduce solar heat and uv rays whilst letting in natural light for … Read more

South Hams Solar Control Window Film

Solargard Sterling 50 Solar Control Window Film in Loddiswell

Our latest project in the South Hams was to install a solar control window film to this property in Loddiswell. The customer wanted a window film that wasn’t particularly reflective and provided a good balance of light and solar control. The Solargard Sterling range of window films are a good choice for residential properties, with … Read more