Office Glare Reduction Johnson Nightscape 07

Office Glare Reduction Johnson Nightscape 07

Our latest window tint was for the Princess Theatre in Torquay, Devon.

Glare and heat reduction was required for this upstairs south-facing office which was suffering in the afternoon sun. Using computer screens and struggling with glare can cause headaches along with eye-strain.  Our customer opted for the Nightscape NS07 as it is slightly darker than the dark silver films and provides slightly more glare reduction with a less reflective exterior finish in comparison to the standard Silver 20 most offices have installed.

Johnson Nightscape is the perfect balance of privacy, excellent heat retention, low interior reflectivity and superior heat rejection. It is favored by homeowners to enhance both daytime and nighttime views.

The dual reflective technology, coupled with an unusual construction of aluminum and dyed charcoal offers a soft look while dramatically reducing glare. The medium to dark versions enhance privacy during the daylight hours, prying eyes won’t be able to see inside.

One of the unheralded impacts of window film installation is its ability to keep interior heat within a building. The superior U Factor ratings on the NightScape series highlights the excellent performance of this film by stopping heat loss, resulting in lower heating costs in colder climates.

Johnson Nightscape NS07 Window Film Benefits

  • Total solar energy rejected 73%
  • Glare reduction 91%
  • UV protection +99%
  • Visible light transmission 8%
  • Interior reflection 7%




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