Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

AV Spectral Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

Living in Dawlish with its sun-soaked days sounds delightful, but it can present a challenge when it comes to controlling the amount of solar gain within your home or office without sacrificing the natural light. The solution? Spectrally selective multi-alloy solar control films designed for such situations. These innovative films work by being highly selective … Read more

Sterling Solar Control St Leonards

Solar Control Window Film St Leonards Exeter

Our latest Solargard Sterling 50 solar control window film in St Leonards, Exeter. The Solargard Sterling series offers a good compromise if you are looking for a window film which is hardly noticeable and very lightly tinted, which preserves the external views along with good solar control.

Spectral 70 UV Fade Protection

Spectral 70 UV Fade Protection

Our latest AV Spectral 70 uv fade protection job in Exeter, Devon. With lots of south facing windows this property will get maximum uv exposure which causes a lot of damage to the interior fabrics, carpets and other furnishings. AV Spectral 70 is a very lightly tinted window film which blocks 99% ultraviolet light. With … Read more

AV Spectral UV Fade

AV Spectral UV Fade

Our latest window film installation in Mid Devon was for a customer looking for a uv protection window film to block the damaging sun rays which would fade the interior furnishings. AV Spectral 70, spectrally selective multi alloy solar control film. Designed to be selective in the solar light spectrum offering a compromise between high … Read more

AV Dermagard Anti Fade

AV Dermagard Anti Fade

Our latest project to install AV Dermagard Anti Fade window film to this grade 1 listed tudor manor house in Devon. This was my favourite window film installation last year by far, we were very pleased to get the opportunity to visit again and upgrade the glazing on the music room. A tricky installation at … Read more

Solargard Silver 50 Fade Reduction

Channel View Hotel Silver 50 Window Film for UV Protection, Increased Privacy and Solar Control

Our latest window film installation at the Channel View Hotel in Paignton. The flooring and furnishings next to these large glazed windows were suffering from intense fading due to the sunshine. By choosing a light medium grade window film you can maintain a fairly natural view whilst blocking 99% ultraviolet light and reducing the fading … Read more

AV Dermagard UV Filter Film

AV Dermagard UV Filter Window Film

AV Dermagard UV Filter Film This Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house near Wellington in Devon required AV Dermagard UV Filter film to stop the uv rays penetrating through the windows on the southern aspect. The room had been restored with hand painted baroque wallpaper and our AV Dermagard window film will provide 99.8% uv … Read more

Solargard Sterling 60 UV Fade Protection

Solargard Sterling 60 UV Fade Protection

Solargard Sterling 60 UV Fade Protection Our latest project was on Dartmoor, this property required a neutral window film to provide uv protection for the furniture, curtains and the interior decor. Our customer didn’t want a reflective film so the lighter Sterling 60 was chosen.  The Solargard Sterling range from 20 to 50 has similar … Read more

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film, all three windows with DN60 applied,

Johnson Daylight Natural 60 Window Film Our latest project in Teignmouth was an installation of Johnson Daylight Natural 60 window film to some patio doors. Initially the aim was to increase privacy and block UV rays but with a light room this is difficult to achieve unless you make all the window considerably darker and … Read more

Conservatory Solar Control

Solar Control and UV Fade Protection

Conservatory Solar Control Our latest project to provide solar control by installing window film to the conservatory roof in Teignmouth, Devon This Conservatory roof already had Pilkington Activ Blue glazing installed but the sun was still causing heat problems along with uv fading issues. Our customer chose Hanita Silver 20 to provide maximum solar heat … Read more