Mirrored Privacy Film

Most of the mirrored privacy window films we fit are due to windows being overlooked by passers-by or maybe you have a nosey neighbour and you would like to prevent them looking in. By fitting a privacy film you will be able to relax, clearly see out and continue your daily routine without the stress of someone peering in.

We stock a wide range of mirrored privacy films / reflective window films. These provide maximum daytime privacy with a mirrored finish.

The most popular privacy window film is our Hanita Silver 20, which provides excellent daytime privacy along with superb solar control and glare reduction. Our Solargard Solar Bronze 20 window film also provides maximum privacy with a warm copper finish.

Hanita Dual Reflective Titan series offers a twist on the standard reflective window films with its high exterior reflection providing maximum privacy and the low interior reflection allowing better night-time viewing through the film from inside. Titan 05 also helps when trying to create one way privacy on an internal window which is very difficult with a standard reflective window film due to the light levels being equal indoors.

Johnson Architectural Series offers striking reflective colours with the Mirror Blue 20 (MBL20) being one of our more popular choices. The Sterling window film series from Solargard has a neutral tint with a reflective finish inside and out. The Sterling 20 provides daytime privacy along with maximum heat and glare reduction.

For full privacy day and night we have our Matte frosted window film, with a subtle sand-blasted translucent finish it provides maximum privacy whilst maintaining high light levels.

Privacy Film

  • Full daytime privacy
  • Highly reflective mirrored finish
  • Maximum heat and glare reduction
  • Enhanced glazing aesthetics
mirrored privacy window film
mirrored privacy window film