Solargard Truevue Window Film

Trueview Skylight Tint

Our latest project involved applying Solar Gard TrueVue window film to a set of skylights, also known as lanterns, in Shaldon, Devon. This innovative solution was chosen to effectively reduce heat and glare, which can be particularly intense through these types of windows. The Solar Gard TrueVue window film is notable for its exceptional clarity, … Read more

Office Tinting Okehampton

Quantum Cryogenics Solar Control Window Film Okehampton

Our latest window film installation in Okehampton, Devon for Quantum. Having installed window film on the main offices in 2017, this new office extension required the same Solargard Sterling 40 window film to reduce the heat and glare whilst maintaining adequate light levels. Sterling 40 is the perfect window film for medium privacy along with … Read more

Privacy Film in Okehampton

Solargard Sterling 40 Window Film Okehampton

Our latest Solargard Sterling window film installation in Okehampton, Devon on this new bungalow. With windows near to the road our customer required a privacy film without losing too much light for the bedroom and lounge. Solargard Sterling 40 is perfect for medium privacy in residential settings where it is important for the glazing to … Read more

Sentinel Plus Exterior Window Film

Solargard Sentinel Plus Silver 20 external window film Newton Abbot

Our latest job installing privacy film for Step One in Newton Abbot, Devon. The meeting room, office and kitchen area required a mirrored privacy film to increase privacy. After checking the windows some of them were laminated which can lead to glazing problems if the wrong window film is fitted, Solargard Sentinel Plus window films … Read more

Residential Privacy Film in Abbotskerswell

Solargard Sterling 40 Medium Privacy Film

Our latest residential privacy film installation in Abbotskerswell. This property was overlooked and the owner wanted to replace the net curtains with a more modern look. Solargard Sterling 40 provides the perfect balance of privacy and light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside with a subtle, reflective finish outside. If you have … Read more

External Window Film

External Window Film

Our most recent installation for the Firefighters Charity near Chudleigh was to fit external window film to some laminated windows to increase privacy. If you apply normal window film to the internal face of laminated glass it can cause the inner pane of glass to heat at a different rate to the external pane. This … Read more

Solargard Bronze 20 Glare Reduction

Solargard Bronze 20 Glare Reduction for Mulberry House Residential Home

This room at Mulberry House, Bovey Tracey was suffering from the harsh glare and making it uncomfortable for the resident. Having already installed Solargard Bronze 20 to a number of other rooms we upgraded the glazing here to match the rest of the rooms whilst providing 75% glare reduction.

Privacy Window Film for GDPR Compliance

Privacy Window Film for GDPR Compliance

Privacy Window Film for GDPR Compliance Following on from a large privacy film installation for Mulberry House Residential Home which increased privacy for the residents in their rooms, we were then called in to increase the privacy on the office windows to help with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Devon Window Tinting offers … Read more

Solargard Silver 50 Privacy Film

Solargard Silver 50 Barn Conversion Window Tint

Solargard Silver 50 Privacy Film This barn conversion near Newton Abbot, Devon required a privacy film whilst maintaining light levels. Residential window tinting requires a different approach than commercial tinting, finding that balance of light loss whilst enhancing the building with the most appropriate window film and at the same time increasing privacy. A full … Read more

Solargard Silver 35 Window Film

Silver 35 HC

Solargard Silver 35 Window Film Our latest window tinting project in Torquay – Solargard Silver 35 window film to provide increased privacy whilst allowing a reasonable amount of light transmission. Often a Silver 20 window film is chosen but this can reduce the light levels considerably and a full mirrored effect isn’t always suited to … Read more