Nightscape Window Film Exeter

Our most recent project took us back to CLH at Marsh Barton, Exeter, where we had the pleasure of installing additional Nightscape window film. This return visit, coming around three years after our initial installation, emphasizes the long-standing relationship we hold with our clients and our commitment to continuously meet their evolving needs.

The Nightscape window film stands out due to its dual reflective technology and the distinctive combination of aluminum and dyed charcoal materials, which provide a gentle aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. The result is a significant reduction in glare that not only enhances comfort but also contributes to the overall ambiance of the space.

With medium to dark versions available, Nightscape affords an impressive degree of privacy during daylight hours. It ensures that while the interior remains invisible to those outside, offering peace of mind from prying eyes, the view from the inside remains clear and unobstructed.

Undoubtedly, the added layer of Nightscape window film enriches the office environment at CLH, reaffirming our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions that address both practical requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Benefits of Nightscape Window Film:

Nightscape window film offers a unique combination of benefits that other films may not, making it a popular choice for homes and businesses. Here are some of the key advantages:

Enhanced privacy: The film provides daytime privacy by obscuring the view into your home or office, while still allowing you to see out clearly. Different shades offer varying levels of privacy depending on your needs.

Reduced glare: Nightscape boasts excellent glare reduction, up to 94%, making it ideal for rooms with bright sunlight or computer screens. This can improve comfort and reduce eye strain.

Superior heat rejection: The film helps to block solar heat, lowering cooling costs and creating a more comfortable indoor environment. This is especially beneficial in warm climates or rooms with large windows.

UV protection: Nightscape blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your furnishings, artwork, and floors from fading and sun damage. It can also help to protect your skin from UV exposure.

Low interior reflectivity: Unlike some reflective films, Nightscape minimizes the mirror effect at night, allowing you to enjoy the view outside without seeing your own reflection staring back.

Additional benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency: By reducing heat gain and loss, the film can contribute to lower energy bills.
  • Scratch-resistant coating: The film is protected with a durable hardcoat to resist scratches and wear.
  • Variety of shades: Available in several shades to match your aesthetic preferences and privacy needs.
  • Long warranty: Many manufacturers offer long warranties on their Nightscape films.

Overall, Nightscape window film offers a well-rounded solution for those seeking privacy, glare reduction, heat control, and UV protection while maintaining outward visibility. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, comfort, or aesthetics, Nightscape can be a worthwhile investment.

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