Glare Reduction Truro Casino

Admiral Casino Glare Reduction Truro

The challenge of curtailing glare and enhancing comfort at the Admiral Casino in Truro has been successfully taken head-on with our latest project. The application of Hanita Titan Duo specialised window film has significantly reduced the amount of glare infiltrating the casino environment, providing patrons with a more visually comfortable gaming experience. Particular attention was … Read more

Frosted Film for Privacy Torquay

Lower Pane Frosted for Privacy Torquay

Our latest Hanita Matte frosted window film installation to create privacy for a roof terrace from the neighbouring flat. Creating privacy and enhancing style for a rooftop terrace, our team recently undertook a bespoke frosted window film installation. This elegant solution provides seclusion from adjacent buildings without sacrificing natural light — Ideal for urban dwellings … Read more

Hanita Matte Frosted Film Dawlish

Part Frosted Window Film Dawlish

The beauty of natural light can be simultaneously alluring and intrusive, but with our latest window film installation in Dawlish, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We’ve added a touch of modern elegance and privacy to a home with our half pane frosted window film. This solution reveals the essence of smart living … Read more

Frosted Door Vision Panel

Frosted Door Vision Panel Newton Abbot

Enhancing privacy while maintaining the elegance in Newton Abbot, we completed a project where we installed frosted film to a clear glazed composite door. Frosted films are a brilliant way to obscure visibility without compromising on the natural light that flows into a space. The result is an eye-catching door that not only ensures privacy … Read more

Velux Obscure Film Teignmouth

Velux Frosted Window Film Teignmouth

Our most recent project took us to Teignmouth, where we expertly installed frosted film on Velux windows in a charming loft conversion. This enhancement wasn’t just for aesthetics; it was a necessary compliance with local planning regulations that stipulate non-clear glazing solutions. The Hanita Matte frosted film provides the necessary privacy and reflects the commitment … Read more

Office Window Film Topsham

TLM Hanita Silver 20 Privacy Film

Having previously installed window film to the ground floor we were called back to install film on the 1st floor and some frosted film to the internal office sections. Following our client’s satisfaction with our initial work, they entrusted us with an additional task: the installation of new films on the 1st floor and the … Read more

Polymorphous Window Film

Polymorphous Window Film

We are proud to highlight our latest project in Harberton, where we’ve installed Hanita Dermagard window film for a client with a unique need. Sensitive to UV light due to a sun allergy, our client sought a solution that could alleviate their condition without compromising on natural light. Understanding the Issue: UV Light and Sun … Read more

Velux Solar Control Film Stover

Hanita Silver Solar Control Stover

Our latest solar control window film installation at Regency Court, Stover. To reduce the summer heat we used Hanita Silver 35 for the top panes and a similar external film for the velux openers to reduce the risk of thermal breakage on the laminated inner panes – Total Solar Energy Rejected 58% For a wide … Read more

Velux Solar Control Window Film Paignton

Velux Solar Control Window Film Paignton

Our latest window film installation in Paignton. This south facing property required solar control window film without too much light loss on the main glazing and velux windows. The French doors required reasonable privacy as they faced the neighbouring property. Solargard Sterling 50 window film provided a good balance of light whilst offering substantial heat … Read more

Solar Control Window Film Kentisbeare

Hanita Titan 35 External Solar Control

Our latest project in Kentisbeare, Devon was to install external solar control window film on two velux panes and internal film on the kitchen windows. Modern velux glazing tends to be double glazed with a laminated pane on the inside and toughened externally. Because laminated glass carries a slightly higher risk of cracking it is … Read more

Obscured Window Film Tiverton

Frosted Window Film Tiverton

Our latest obscured window film installation in Tiverton. Hanita Matte Matte white films give a translucent sandblasted effect, adding privacy or designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers. Perfect for frosting clear glazing to add privacy for residential properties.

Mirror Safety Film

St Andrews Mirror Safety Film

Our latest safety film installation at St Andrews school in Cullompton. A number of mirrors needed a safety film fitted to increase safety protection from breaking glass. Once fitted Hanita Safety film meets EN12600 for safe impact breakage and is practically invisible after fitting.