NightScape Conservatory Roof Tint

In Teignmouth, a discerning homeowner has recognised the value of consistent solar control throughout their conservatory. Originally having installed window film on only half of the roof last year, they’ve opted to extend this protection to the remaining sections. By completing the installation of the window film across the entire roof, the customer is not only ensuring uniform heat regulation and UV protection but also upgrading the overall comfort and functionality of their conservatory. This attention to detail underlines the importance of creating a living space that remains temperate and enjoyable all year round.

Nightscape stands out as the quintessential choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of privacy and thermal control.

The ingenious use of dual reflective technology, married with a distinct combination of aluminum and tinted charcoal, lends a subtle elegance while mitigating lush sunlight. The availability of mid to dark tones within the series ensures discretionary visibility; during daylight, it’s virtually impossible for outsiders to glimpse into the private confines of your home.

Diverse preferences can be accommodated with the Nightscape series, which offers an array of five shades: NS35, NS25, NS15, NS07, and NS05. Each gradient provides a unique level of light filtration and privacy, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home.

  • Protected with CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat to ensure long lasting durability, protection and clarity.
  • Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays – minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes, slows interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings.
  • Glare reduction of up to 94% helps to reduce eye strain and unwanted glare.

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