Office Window Film Topsham

Having previously installed window film to the ground floor we were called back to install film on the 1st floor and some frosted film to the internal office sections.

Following our client’s satisfaction with our initial work, they entrusted us with an additional task: the installation of new films on the 1st floor and the application of frosted film to enhance the privacy within the internal office sections.

  • Hanita Silver 20 was installed to maintain consistency with the ground floor and to extend the exceptional privacy and heat rejection features to the next level.
  • Mirrored privacy film was another addition that elevates the building’s exterior. Its reflective surface not only ensures privacy during daylight hours but also provides an aesthetically pleasing mirror effect.
  • Optimization of the office ambience was achieved with the reflective window film. This film reduces glare, which is essential for a comfortable and productive work environment and its reflective nature offers an added level of confidentiality.
  • To address privacy within the office, the frosted window film was applied to internal sections. Its purpose is two-fold: providing the necessary seclusion for meetings and sensitive discussions, while also contributing to a modern and clean aesthetic.
  • Hanita Matte frosted film is perfect for creating private yet light-filled office nooks, ensuring a workspace that balances openness with the need for secluded spots.

Each of these films was chosen not only for their functionality but also with a keen eye on complementing the overall design of the building. They represent our commitment to delivering window solutions that are as practical as they are visually appealing.

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