Solar Control Window Film South Hams

Our latest solar control window film installation carried out in Stoke Gabriel, South Hams.

This was one of our more unusual projects where a solar control window film was required to reduce heat on this glass fronted new property with laminated & toughened combined units. Initially our customer opted for Johnson Architectural Blue (MBL 20) window film, when we arrive onsite the first job is to inspect the glass and check that the window film choice will be compatible with the glazing. After using a meter to check the glass and also checking the kitemarks we discovered the double glazed units were constructed with laminated glass outside and toughened glass inside, this narrows the window film choices due the thermal breakage risk.

The MBL 20 solar absorption was marginal on these windows (47% single pane) and would have carried a breakage risk as any films around 50% solar absorption or above are considered high risk. After checking with Britannia Windows who installed the glass, it was agreed to install Hanita Silver 20 which has a lower solar absorption rate of 38% thus reducing any breakage of breakage to the lowest amount.

Hanita Silver 20 provides 70% total solar energy rejected, 99% uv protection, 79% glare reduction and a solar absorption of 38% which keeps it in a low risk category when installed on laminated glass.

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