Johnson NightScape 25 Window Film

Our latest solar film installation in Newton Abbot for the Benbow Group. Initially we were installing a Johnson NightScape 25 window film to reduce solar heat in the upper glazed area and reduce glare in the downstairs entrance lobby.

Johnson NightScape window films are dual reflective making it a good choice for this inner glazing area as a normal reflective window film would cause internal mirroring due to the equal light balance. NightScape 25 has a low 16% internal reflectance which is not much different to glass which has approx 8% internal reflectance. A typical reflective window film has around 60% internal and external reflectance. NightScape 25 rejects 65% of the solar heat and also reduces glare by 73%.

As you can see from these pictures the immediate effect of NightScape window film when applied to 2 of the conference room windows. The suns harsh rays are blocked by the window film reducing heat, glare and uv damage.

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