Perlite Window Tinting Skylights Installed

Perlite Window Tinting Skylights

Perlite Window Tinting Skylights

Today job was PerLite window tinting on some skylights in Thurlestone, Devon.

These windows were allowing a lot of light and damaging UV rays into the room and the owner having had some Perlite window tinting previously installed decided to have the skylights done.

These skylights were a little tricky to window tint due to the plasterboard finish overhanging the glass edges.

PerLite is a highly durable, ceramic-based film, manufactured by depositing semi-transparent, advanced ceramic layers on ultra-clear film.

PerLite’s good-looks, solar properties and competitive price make it the perfect choice for residential, commercial and retail projects. PerLite 20 rejects up to 70% total solar energy and also provides 75% glare reduction along with 99% uv block.


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