Add Privacy Glass

Add Privacy Glass

Upgrade your glazing and add privacy glass. With the design of modern houses and the large expanses of glass privacy has become more of an issue. Our range of reflective window films provide full daytime privacy along with excellent solar heat control, glare reduction and ultraviolet light protection.

All our dark reflective window films generally provide a high degree of daytime privacy,  our medium reflective range of films allow more light through with a reasonable amount of privacy and a more subtle appearance.

Whilst reflective window films are very good for daytime privacy at night the effect is reversed with the mirroring element of the film transferring to the lit room, this means you then won’t be able to see out and anyone outside will be able to see in. For most people this isn’t an issue as at night you would normally pull the curtains or blinds down to provide privacy. We also have a range of dual reflective window films which have a less reflective internal surface to reduce the internal mirroring effect at night.

This is our latest project in Westward Ho! North Devon

This property was overlooked from a road passing by the rear of the house. Net curtains weren’t an option as they look a little dated especially in a modern property. Silver 20 reflective window film is always our goto film for full daytime privacy, it always delivers the correct effect as you can see in the pictures, on an elevated window the effect is even more striking due to how the light hits the glazing.

For a wide range of reflective privacy films contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186.

We can provide free no obligation window film samples for you to try before you commit to having your glazing tinted. We also have non-reflective, dual reflective, safety and security, anti-graffiti and frosted films.

Hanita Silver 20 Benefits

  • Full Daytime Privacy
  • Excellent Solar Heat Control
  • UV Protection
  • Glare Reduction
  • Fade Reduction

Hanita Silver 20 Window Film Specification

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