External Window Film

Our most recent installation for the Firefighters Charity near Chudleigh was to fit external window film to some laminated windows to increase privacy.

If you apply normal window film to the internal face of laminated glass it can cause the inner pane of glass to heat at a different rate to the external pane. This difference in temperature increases the stress on the glass and could cause the laminated glass to crack. By applying window film to the outer pane, the solar energy is rejected before penetrating the laminated layers thus reducing the risk of breakage.

Having already installed a couple of window last year, we used the same window film – Solargard Sentinel Plus Silver 20 so the colour and reflection is an exact match. Although the silver windows films from other manufacturers look the same there are slight colour variations which would look odd when compared side by side.

Solargard Sentinel Benefits:

  • External window film with low breakage risk
  • Maximum heat rejection with exterior films
  • UV protection
  • High glare reduction

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