Conservatory Roof Options

Our latest Titan conservatory roof window tint for a customer in Newton Abbot, Devon. With a south-facing conservatory they were looking for a solution to heat and glare.

After obtaining several astronomical quotes for converting their existing glass conservatory roof to a solid roof, they decided it was far cheaper to have the glass roof tinted. Generally we would advise a 20% light transmission window film which blocks approximately 80% of the light to substantially reduce heat and glare. Having already considered going with a solid roof the light loss wasn’t an issue so our customer chose Hanita Titan Duo 5, one of the darkest window films available.

Hanita Titan Duo is a dual reflective window film. Featuring a highly reflective outer layer which provides excellent solar control, balanced with a low inner reflectance to provide neutral warm views without the typical mirroring associated with reflective window films.

When Titan Duo 5 is installed on a double glazed unit it allows 7% light transmission, blocking 93% of the light from passing through. This low light transmission helps achieve a 91% reduction in glare and 71% total solar energy rejected.

Titan Duo 5 Benefits:

  • Low light transmission
  • Significant glare reduction
  • Excellent solar control
  • Low cost versus a solid roof or blinds
  • Dual reflective – low internal reflectance
  • Minimal disruption
  • 99% uv protection

If you have heat and glare problems with your conservatory roof or windows contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    We are trying to decide what to do with our Conservatory Roof. The Thomas Sanderson pleated blinds cannot be cleaned by that firm any longer. they are hard to remove and look very dirty. Although we a re getting a brochure for replacement roof panels, we are guessing your firm’s solution would be much cheaper. So please could you arrange a quote.


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