VW Caravelle California Window Tint

VW Caravelle California Window Tint

Our latest window tint was on a VW Caravelle T6 California with double glazed rear windows in Exeter. Quite unusual for any vehicle to have double glazed windows, these also had a solar reflective coating on the rear three windows but not on the middle section.

Global QDP 5% limo black window film was chosen, this is our darkest window film for cars and vans giving that classic limo black appearance, the solar coating on the back three windows alters the look but still blocks 94% light and reduces glare by 93%.

As always the inset sliding window section is the hardest on a VW Transporter / Caravelle due to the restricted area to squeegee off and tight access, this one was even harder due to the cooker section and extra internal trims.


6 thoughts on “VW Caravelle California Window Tint”

  1. Hi, looking to have my Cali Ocean done with limo tint, but I have read about a problem!

    Apparently the rear window is double glazed so this window does not appear as dark as the others. Was this the case with the white Cali that you did with limo tint?

    • Hi

      I don’t remember it being an issue, 5% is dark regardless of what window it is applied to, there may have been a reflective coating which alters the appearance marginally on the outside.

      Cutting the film to size on the rear window was odd due to the way the ceramic band was designed on the double glazed unit, other than that it was a straightforward tint job.




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