Range Rover Evoque Window Tint

Range Rover Evoque Window Tint

Range Rover Evoque Window Tint

This Range Rover Evoque window tint was carried out at Deep End Pools on Marsh Barton following a VW California tint. With a large quiet workshop, these conditions are perfect for mobile window tinting.

The Evoque already had the standard factory privacy glass which was a medium tint. Our customer opted for a full limo black window tint – Global QDP 05 window film. Applying a limo black window film over factory privacy glass produces the ultimate dark look. Starting with around 20% visible light transmission on the factory glass in the rear, after applying Global QDP 05 the result is approx 1% visible light transmission, the normal result from limo black on standard green tinted glass is around 4% visible light transmission.

As always we remove the rear door glasses, tint to the top edge and within a few millimetres of the sides. Once we have baked the window film on, the top edge is filed flush to the glass producing a perfect finish with no gaps. With a channel depth of 1-2 centimetres on the side edges this also ensures you have no light gaps – many companies just tint in situ and leave gaps to the sides and top which is unacceptable and just signifies a low quality cheap job.

Here are a few shots of the finished tint – looks good on a black Evoque along with black alloys.



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