South Hams Solar Control Window Film

Solargard Sterling 50 Solar Control Window Film in Loddiswell

Our latest project in the South Hams was to install a solar control window film to this property in Loddiswell. The customer wanted a window film that wasn’t particularly reflective and provided a good balance of light and solar control. The Solargard Sterling range of window films are a good choice for residential properties, with … Read more

Residential Privacy Film in Teignmouth

Solargard Sterling 40 Teignmouth

Our latest window film installation in Teignmouth on some patio windows which were overlooked from neighbouring gardens. Solargard Sterling 40 is the perfect window film for residential privacy. With its neutral colour and a subtle reflective external finish it provides good daytime privacy whilst maintaining reasonable light levels. For a wide range of window films … Read more

Solargard Sterling 50 UV Fade Protection

Solargard Sterling 50 uv protection window film

Solargard Sterling 50 UV Fade Protection Window Film Our latest project in Newton Abbot, Devon was to install window film to reduce solar heat and ultraviolet (uv) fading to the interior furnishings. This south-facing property had full sunshine throughout the day with wide windows allowing all the ultraviolet rays into the house. A standard uv … Read more

EMF RF Shielding Window Film

Solargard Sterling 40 window film on this property at Harberton, Totnes. EMF RF Shielding Solar Gard Sterling Window Film

EMF RF Shielding Window Film Our latest project in the Totnes area was the installation of EMF RF Shielding window film to block out signals penetrating into the house.  The choice of Solar Gard Sterling 40 window film provided high EMF RF shielding whilst adding some extra privacy to some overlooked windows and maintaining high light … Read more