Solargard Sterling 50 UV Fade Protection

Solargard Sterling 50 UV Fade Protection Window Film

Our latest project in Newton Abbot, Devon was to install window film to reduce solar heat and ultraviolet (uv) fading to the interior furnishings.

This south-facing property had full sunshine throughout the day with wide windows allowing all the ultraviolet rays into the house. A standard uv clear would reduce up to 40% of the uv fading to the interior furnishings. With the intense sunshine a slightly tinted window film will also help reduce the 25% of fading from light and 25% from heat.

As well as Dermagard museum grade clear uv fade protection film we also have some incredible lightly tinted window films like Solargard LX70, Sterling 70, 60 and 50, Hanita e-Lite 70 & 45 and Johnson Sunlight.

Solar Gard LX 70: on your glass, your furnishings, merchandise and artwork receive premium protection against fading. This results from Solar Gard LX 70 blocking over 99 percent of ultraviolet light and more than half the amount of total solar energy from entering your building.

Sterling 70: Moderate heat reduction while maintaining the maximum natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable inside with a soft, neutral finish outside.

Sterling 50: Substantial heat and glare reduction, added privacy, and ample natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside with a subtle reflective finish outside.

Hanita e-Lite 70 and 45: interior films curb the heat, without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass. e-Lite 70 and 45 ensure high levels of visible light combined with effective heat and UV rejection. This makes e-Lite the ideal choice for enhancing the summertime comfort and energy efficiency of historical or graded buildings or strictly designed commercial and residential projects. E-Lite will also improve the fade protection of valuable contents while helping preserve the original appearance of the building.

Sunlight: is a high visible light transmission sun control window film designed for stores, buildings and homeowners seeking maximum heat rejection. Rather than target IR rejection over a narrow band, SunLight 70 sports an impressive IR rejection over the entire IR spectrum, making it extremely energy efficient.

UV Fade Chart
UV Fade Chart

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