EMF RF Shielding Window Film

EMF RF Shielding Window Film

Our latest project in the Totnes area was the installation of EMF RF Shielding window film to block out signals penetrating into the house.  The choice of Solar Gard Sterling 40 window film provided high EMF RF shielding whilst adding some extra privacy to some overlooked windows and maintaining high light levels.

Many solar control window films are manufactured from the application of various metals onto a film surface. These metals provide the solar energy and visible light rejection desired of these products. In addition to solar and light energy rejection, the communication and/or radio frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum are also reduced or attenuated. These frequencies include all UHF and VHF TV broadcast channels, AM and FM radio, cell and cordless phones, satellite GPS navigation and communication frequencies.

Devon Window Tinting can provide a wide range of window films from Solar Gard that can help reduce the EMF (electromagnetic field)/ RF (radio frequency)  signals when applied to the windows of your home or office.

Solar Gard LX 70 window film provides the highest amount of RF shielding. LX 70 is virtually undetectable on your windows, providing an unaltered views of the outdoors along with outstanding energy savings. LX 70 reduces more than half of the total solar energy entering the building through the windows.

Solar Gard Sterling window films provide fractionally lower RF shielding but are much more cost effective. The darker Sterling 20 window film provides optimum heat and glare reduction, daytime privacy, and softened natural light. This film is neutrally tinted with a reflective finish on the inside and out. Whilst the Sterling 40 provides substantial heat and glare reduction, medium daytime privacy, and adequate natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside with a subtle, reflective finish outside.

Solar Gard EMF RF Shielding Chart PDF

Solar Gard Sterling 40 PDF






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