Solargard Truevue Window Film

Our latest project involved applying Solar Gard TrueVue window film to a set of skylights, also known as lanterns, in Shaldon, Devon. This innovative solution was chosen to effectively reduce heat and glare, which can be particularly intense through these types of windows.

The Solar Gard TrueVue window film is notable for its exceptional clarity, ensuring that views remain unobstructed both during the day and at night. Additionally, it bestows several benefits:

  • Protection against harmful ultraviolet rays: By screening out these rays, the film safeguards both your skin and your interior furnishings.
  • High solar energy rejection: TrueVue can reject up to 82% of total solar energy, enhancing overall comfort within the space.
  • Improved energy efficiency: By reflecting solar heat, the film helps lower the need for air conditioning, resulting in energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Temperature control: It aids in managing hot spots and mitigating uneven temperature zones, which can be a challenge in areas with direct sun exposure.
  • Glare reduction: With TrueVue, glare is significantly diminished by up to 94%, making it easier to view screens and enjoy the interior space without the need for squinting.
  • Privacy enhancement: It also works to bolster privacy during daylight hours without the need to sacrifice natural light.

TrueVue is available in four distinct shades, providing a range of options when it comes to the balance between visual appeal and solar performance. This customization allows you to select a finish that best suits the aesthetic and functional requirements of your space.

When installing such a product, we take extra precautions to ensure that the surrounding areas, especially plasterwork, are fully protected. For this, we employ protection sheets to shield against any potential water damage that can occur during the installation process, which requires a significant amount of water. This attention to detail is part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service without compromising on quality or the safety of your property.

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