Solargard Sterling 40 Residential Window Tint

Solargard Sterling 40 Residential Window Tint

Our latest job was a residential window tint in Budleigh Salterton, Devon for a customer who required a window film to increase privacy and reduce the solar heat from the south-facing windows. A reflective window film was required with a more subtle finish rather than the fully mirrored silver window films. Solargard Sterling 40 provided a more neutral finish internally and a subtle reflective finish externally.

Solargard Sterling 40 window film provides good heat and glare reduction, increased privacy whilst maintaining good light levels. The Sterling series has a neutral tint with a reflective finish inside and out.

Solargard Sterling 40 Benefits

  • 57% Solar Heat Rejection
  • 53% Glare Reduction
  • 36% External Reflection
  • 99% UV Protection

Also available:

Sterling 20 – Excellent heat and glare reduction along with high privacy and natural light. Reflective both inside and out.

Sterling 50 – Fair heat and glare reduction, a degree of privacy and lots of natural daylight. The reflective finish is barely noticeable inside and very subtle externally.

Sterling 70 – Moderate heat rejection whilst provide maximum light levels. With a very light tint it is almost invisible inside and very neutral externally.

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