Solargard Sterling 40 Office Window Tinting

Solargard Sterling 40 Office Window Tinting

Our recent installation now featuring on the Solargard Partners website – Sterling 40 the perfect solution in Devon : Solargard 

Our second Solargard Sterling 40 window tinting job this week. This office window film installation was carried out for a company in Okehampton, Devon, their objective was to reduce solar heat and glare whilst maintaining good natural light levels in the building.

After looking at a range of window films – Johnsons Architectural MBL 35, Hanita Silver 35, Solargard Solar Bronze 35 and Sterling 40, the Solargard Sterling 40 was chosen for its neutral appearance and subtle exterior reflection along with good solar heat rejection and glare reduction.

Solargard Sterling 40 Benefits:

  • 57% Solar Heat Rejection
  • 53% Glare Reduction
  • 36% External Reflection
  • 99% UV Protection

Sterling 20 – Excellent heat and glare reduction along with high privacy and natural light. Reflective both inside and out.

Sterling 50 – Fair heat and glare reduction, a degree of privacy and lots of natural daylight. The reflective finish is barely noticeable inside and very subtle externally.

Sterling 70 – Moderate heat rejection whilst provide maximum light levels. With a very light tint it is almost invisible inside and very neutral externally.

We have window films from all the leading manufacturers – Solargard, Solargardand Johnson window films, these offer excellent solar heat control, glare reduction along with uv protection and privacy. We also provide a full range of anti-graffiti, safety and security window films to meet and exceed BS EN 12600 and BS6206.

For large window tinting projects we offer a free site survey, free window films samples and professional advice. We have several meters to test your glazing for suitability – laser meter to check for laminated glass and triple glazing, toughened glass indicator, low-e detector. The wrong window film choice can result in stress fractures to your existing glazing which could prove to be a costly mistake, don’t take any chances – Contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186

Here are a few shots after the Sterling 40 window film was installed, the subtle reflective exterior finish complements the building whilst maintaining good light levels inside and also virtually invisible internally with its neutral tint.

Another flawless window tinting installation completed by Devon Window Tinting.





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