Showroom Frosted Film

Showroom Frosted Film

Our latest project was for Bristol Street car dealership in Exeter, Devon. Initially a mirrored privacy film was required to provide privacy to an office section off the showroom.

The problem with mirrored or reflective window films is that they require one side to be subjected to brighter light to provide the mirrored effect and prevent vision through. On internal windows generally the light is fairly equal from both sides to it negates the one way effect. To achieve privacy on internal windows you will need a light to dark ration of 3:1, meaning you will need the side you want the reflection / mirrored effect on will need to be 3 times brighter than the other side.

Our Matte frosted film provided the perfect solution, the frost effect isn’t effected by the light levels and it also allows around 70% light transmission, whereas the dark silver mirrored film would have blocked around 80% of the light. As you can see from the pictures a Matte frosted film installation provides a modern clean look, screening any unsightly objects and can be used in bathrooms, conservatories, offices or your home.

Hanita Matte frosted film is also ideal for retrospective planning issues, a simple solution to upgrading any glazing to meet planning requirements without the expensive cost of replacing any existing glass.

Matte privacy films in translucent white or matte silver provide a translucent sandblasted effect to create a pleasant diffused light that adds privacy or designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers. They offer a cost-effective alternative to etched glass.

White Matte is also available combined with 4 or 12 mil safety film to deliver both privacy and personal safety in retail, bathroom and office applications.

  • 72% Light Transmission
  • Translucent Sandblasted Effect
  • Designer Finish
  • Long 12 Year Warranty


Hanita Showroom Frosted Film


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