Solar Control and UV Fade Protection

Conservatory Solar Control

Conservatory Solar Control

Our latest project to provide solar control by installing window film to the conservatory roof in Teignmouth, Devon

This Conservatory roof already had Pilkington Activ Blue glazing installed but the sun was still causing heat problems along with uv fading issues. Our customer chose Hanita Silver 20 to provide maximum solar heat control and 99% uv protection.

UV fading is caused by heat, light and uv. A clear window film will provide 99% uv protection but doesn’t deal with the other elements of fading. By choosing a darker window film you then start to reduce the fading caused by heat and light.


UV Fade Chart
UV Fade Chart


Hanita Silver 20 Film Benefits

  • 99% UV Block
  • 70% Total Solar Energy Rejected
  • 79% Glare Reduction
  • 12 Year Warranty


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