One Way Privacy Film for Treatment Rooms

Our latest window film installation for the Sykes Verwey Centre in Newton Abbot.

One of the treatment rooms faced the car park and offered no privacy for the patients unless the blinds were closed. The best solution for daytime privacy in these situations is to apply a highly reflective window film – Silver 20, the most widely used window film in the industry for privacy. Our customer also decided to have the office section done to reduce the excessive solar heat.

These windows also had Perfect Fit blinds fitted which are clipped to the upvc frame against the glass, these had to be removed temporarily to get the window film on without contamination. Once the film had dried for a couple of days we then refitted the clips and blinds.

Hanita Silver 20 is ideal for daytime one-way privacy with a highly reflective silver mirror finish. Used in offices and commercial buildings for privacy, solar control and glare reduction.

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