Obscure Window Film for Planning Permission

Our latest frosting project on this new development in Exeter. Several bathrooms with clear glazing required a frosted window film to provide privacy. Also to meet the final planning permission sign off, a couple of windows overlooking some house to the rear of the building needed to be obscured.

Our Hanita Matte frosted window film is a great way to obscure your glazing, meeting building regulations and providing a low cost alternative to replacing the windows.

Due to increased demand we have recently expanded our range of decorative window films available with a fantastic choice from Solyx and Llumar. Contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186 for decorative window films.

Reeded glass from Solyx

2 thoughts on “Obscure Window Film for Planning Permission”

  1. Hello
    I am currently having a big fight with my building inspector.He will not advise or help me with his requirements on obscured window films grade 3 to 5 .Does anyone know what 3 to 5 looks like ?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Chris

      Pilkington grade glass at five levels of privacy, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration). So any film or glass fitted will need to be very frosted / obscured.

      Window film is graded similarly from 0 (clear) to 10 (opaque), Hanita Matte frosted window film as a guide would be around 8 so that would probably equate to 4 / 5 in relation to the Pilkington guide.

      We regularly use Hanita Matte for any planning issues our customers have and it always gets approval.

      Many thanks



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