AV Spectral UV Fade

Our latest window film installation in Mid Devon was for a customer looking for a uv protection window film to block the damaging sun rays which would fade the interior furnishings.

AV Spectral 70, spectrally selective multi alloy solar control film. Designed to be selective in the solar light spectrum offering a compromise between high solar gain rejection with higher light transmission. This new window film provides similar performance to Solargard LX 70 and Hanita e-Lite 70 at a lower cost.

These slightly tinted window films are still virtually invisible once installed but offer superior protection as they also reduce the heat and light which contributes to 50% of fading.

AV Spectral 70 Benefits

  • High light transmission 68%
  • UV protection 99%
  • Total solar energy rejected 59%
  • Virtually invisible once applied
  • 10 year warranty

For a wide range of clear uv filter films or spectrally selective window films which provide enhanced fade protection call Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186

UV Fade Chart
Causes of Fading

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