Natural look finish window film with privacy Exeter

Our latest residential installation in Exeter, Devon. Our customer required a medium privacy film with a natural look and finish from the inside and outside. Medium reflective window films provide increased light and often just make your windows look more shiny rather than the heavy mirrored finish of a dark privacy film.

Hanita Silver 35 has a light transmission of 31% with 44% external reflectance which is perfect for residential privacy. Solar absorption is 41% which makes it compatible with most glazing types. Some of the non-reflective window films absorb too much heat instead of reflecting this solar energy away which increases the risk of thermal breakage. The entrance glazing was triple glazed with laminated glass which isn’t compatible with internal window film, the safe option for this section of glazing was to use an external window film. By applying the window film to the outer pane of the glass unit, the heating effect is transferred to the external pane reducing stress to the glass and therefore the risk of breakage is significantly reduced.

For residential window film we always recommend a medium reflective film to increase privacy and balance the light loss unless dealing with a specific privacy issue. Our most popular residential films for privacy are Hanita Silver 35 with 44% reflectance and Solargard Sterling 40 which is slightly lightly and more neutral with 36% external reflectance.

Please note that window films work like net curtains – providing daytime privacy only, at night the effect is reversed and people will be able to see in whilst you won’t be able to see out.

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