Medium Privacy Film for Hotels

Our latest Solargard Sterling 40 window film installation near Sidbury, Devon for the Sid Valley Country House Hotel. This job followed on from a recent installation we carried out at Woodleys joinery in Newton Poppleford who supplied some new windows for the hotel. Having already fitted Sterling 40 to these windows we installed some more to a suite overlooking the garden and pool area for increased privacy.

The Solar Gard Sterling series is a spectrally selective film with a high level of visible light transmission. The Sterling series also provides extraordinary solar energy rejection performance. This allows for a luminous and more beautiful interior while ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment.

Sterling window films offer a range of options – from lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside, to darker films that provide a greater degree of protection from heat and glare.

Solargard Sterling 40 is the perfect balance for privacy and light, with a neutral appearance it is hardly noticeable once installed and provides a reasonable amount of daytime privacy.

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