Whiteout Window Film

WhiteOut Window Film

Another interesting installation this time for the Blue Cross Tiverton Rehoming Centre – As a cat lover I was really looking forward to this project. The cattery section had windows separating each of the pens and this wasn’t helping the cats settle into their new surroundings.

After attempting to obscure the windows with newspapers, frosted spray and diy frosted film the Blue Cross opted for a Whiteout film. This film turns the windows from clear glass to a completely white opaque window to create total privacy for the cats. We also added Matte translucent window film to the three rear windows which were slightly higher up and didn’t require a full opaque film.

With Anne on hand to move each the of the cats into spare pens we were able to complete this installation with minimum disruption to the cats.

Whiteout is also excellent for eliminating any viewing inside a window where valuable items are kept, e.g. storage buildings, glass cabinets, countertops.



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