Tinted Car Windows for your Child?

Tinted Car Windows for your Child?

Our most recent job in Exeter, Devon was for a couple with children who were fed up with moving sun shades on the rear glass of their Ford C-Max windows and still finding the sunlight streaming through onto their child. Not only is the sunlight dazzling but all the harmful UV sun rays can also cause damage to your child’s eyes and skin. As this window tint was primarily to eliminate the sun and provide maximum protection our Global QDP 05 was chosen, this is our darkest window film(known as limo black) with a VLT (visible light transmission) of 6%.

Our Global QDP window film has a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of +285, a normal medium suncream has a SPF of around 30. This means 99% of the sun’s harmful uv rays are blocked giving your child eyes and skin maximum protection from the damaging ultraviolet light and protecting your upholstery as an added bonus.

Global QDP controls the sun’s radiant energy as it passes through the glass into your vehicle, reducing the temperature by up to 43%, this gives your air conditioning a lot less work to do in the hot summer months, with a 93% reduction in glare your external vision will be dramatically improved as well.

Protect your child from damaging ultraviolet radiation with a Devon Window Tinting Global QDP car tint – Tel 01626 445186 (25th January 2018) “The best sun shield for your car, home and office” – From

Here are a few pictures of the completed install, transform your car and protect your children at the same time.






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