Sports Centre Solar Control

Our latest project was a large Sports Centre in Broadmeadow, Teignmouth which was suffering from intense solar heat due to the large expanse of glazing. The glazing is south and south west facing which meant the solar heat was unbearable.

The windows already had a window film installed which had degraded and failed some time ago. At this point the film wasn’t working at all and just looked untidy. This was one of our more challenging jobs due the internal steel girders running within 20-30mm of the glazing and numerous vertical radiators making the installation very tricky.

Hanita Silver 20 was chosen for this job as the customer wanted maximum solar control with the added benefit of high glare reduction. Silver 20 window film provides 78% total solar control and 80% glare reduction.

Hanita Silver 20 Film Benefits –

  • Excellent solar heat and glare rejection
  • Highest levels of energy efficiency
  • Quickest payback period
  • 99+% UV block
  • Upgraded building appearance
  • Daytime privacy

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