Solargard Sterling 60 UV Fade Protection

Solargard Sterling 60 UV Fade Protection

Our latest project was on Dartmoor, this property required a neutral window film to provide uv protection for the furniture, curtains and the interior decor.

Our customer didn’t want a reflective film so the lighter Sterling 60 was chosen.  The Solargard Sterling range from 20 to 50 has similar properties to most reflective films and would be mirrored (20 – highly reflective – 50 lightly mirrored), the Sterling 60 and 70 are much more neutral in appearance with hardly any mirroring making it virtually invisible once installed.

Solargard Sterling provides superior uv protection by dealing with all three causes of fading – Heat, Light and UV.

The Solar Gard Sterling series is a spectrally selective film with a high level of visible light transmission. The Sterling series is comprised of films that provide extraordinary solar energy rejection performance along with higher visible light transmission. This allows for a luminous and more beautiful interior, whilst ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment. Solar Gard Sterling window films offer users a range of heat reduction options whilst maintaining everywhere from maximum natural light to a high degree of protection from heat and glare. These films range from lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside to darker films that provide a greater degree of protection from heat and glare, all with a soft, neutral finish outside.

Sterling 60 Film Benefits

  • Total solar energy rejected 43%
  • Glare reduction 29%
  • UV protection +99%
  • Visible light transmission 57%
  • Exterior reflection 22%


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