Solargard Solar Bronze 35 Window Film

Solargard Solar Bronze 35 Window Film

These offices near Exeter were suffering with glare even though the windows had a light bronze tint already. Additionally because of the bronze glass there was an increased risk of thermal glass breakage and seal failure if the wrong window film was applied. After checking the glass with a merlin lazer glass measurement gauge and liasing with Solargard we were able to recommend the Solar Bronze 35 as a suitable film with minimal risk.

The Solar Bronze 35 Window Film complimented the existing bronze windows without reducing the visible light transmission too much and provided the necessary Glare Reduction enabling the staff to use their computers with the blinds open.

The Solar Gard Solar Bronze series adds a warm finish to architectural windows. The Solar Bronze tints provide high heat rejection and excellent privacy while still maintaining ample levels of natural light.


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