Sentinel Plus OSW Window Film

Sentinel Plus OSW Window Film

Solar Gard Sentinel Plus OSW window film recently fitted to a house in Mid Devon for privacy. Originally the intention was to fit a Silver 20 internal window film to the double glazed units, upon closer inspection the windows were triple glazed and none of the window film manufacturers will give any warranty due to the increased risk of breakage with triple glazed units.

With Sentinel Plus Silver 20 OSW window film applied externally all risk of breakage is removed. Suitable for triple glazed windows, laminated or wired glass.

Solar Gard Sentinel™ range of Outside Weatherable (OSW) films are ideal for buildings that have low-E, laminated or wired glass. Exterior window film reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the glass, allowing even the most sophisticated glazing system to be upgraded. Using Exterior window film not only leaves interior low-e treatments intact, it also complements their effectiveness in wintertime insulation.

Solar Gard OSW films carry a limited warranty, as external applications, by nature, are subject to an array of unpredictable weather and atmospheric conditions. Warranty applies to both Residential and Commercial 5 years vertical and 3 years slopped surfaces.




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