Safety Film in Exeter

Our latest job at Spring House, Exeter.

This residential home for adults with learning difficulties required safety film to be installed on several windows which had standard glass fitted. Some of the new ensuite areas also required frosted window film to provide increased privacy.

Hanita 4Mil safety film is rated to EN 12600 / BS6206 which makes it suitable for upgrading existing glazing to meet health and safety standards. Installing the right SafetyZone film can minimise the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impacts and collisions.

Hanita Matte window film is suitable for upgrading existing glazing to obscure / frosted glass. Creating privacy for bathrooms, offices and screening off unsightly areas. We also use Matte frosted window film to meet planning requirements which often crop up when building extensions or renovating properties.

For a wide range of frosted, safety or security films contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186

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