Residential Frosted Film Exeter

Our latest residential frosted film installation in Exeter to provide increased privacy on a terrace house.

These windows were overlooked from the street and needed to be obscured whilst maintaining the light. A good choice for town or terraced houses near to footpaths, Hanita matte frosted window film allows 70% light transmission whilst providing total privacy.

Matte white films give a translucent sandblasted effect, adding privacy or designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers. Suitable for retrospective planning issues rather than the costly expense of replacing your new or existing glazing.

Frosted Window film for Residential property in Exeter
Frosted Window film for Residential property in Exeter

We also have a wide range of decorative window films from Solyx and Llumar, contact Devon Window Tinting on 01392 595186

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  1. Good afternoon. We are looking at frosted film for 5 conservatory windows all around 600 mm x 200mm ( approx as one window is slightly large4 than the other four). Do you do installation? We have no idea of likely costs and would appreciate a steer. Is your product adhesive or cling? Thanks.


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