Matte Frosted Window Film Ikea Exeter

Matte Frosted Window Film Ikea Exeter

Our latest window film project was an emergency at Ikea in Exeter when a plain window was ordered in for a door between the restaurant and wash area. This glass needed to be frosted to screen off the washing area, some frosted vinyl had already been applied by someone else and it was a mess. With only a few days to go before the official opening on May 10th 2018 this needed to be done straightaway.

Our Hanita Matte 2 mil frosted film is perfect for screening off areas like this, it also works for glazing partitions and if you just want to improve your privacy by frosting the lower half of a window. A translucent sandblasted effect to create privacy with a designer etched look.

Hanita Matte frosted window film comes with a 12 year warranty.




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