Isuzu Global QDP Tint

Isuzu D-Max Window Tint

Isuzu D-Max Window Tint

This Isuzu D-Max in Dartington, Devon required a window tint on the rear doors to match the rest of the vehicle. Having recently purchased the vehicle from the Subaru dealership in Ashburton, it was supplied with standard glass in the rear.

As always we fully remove the rear winding windows and then tint the glass up to the edges with a filed top edge to give a perfect factory finish and no light gaps in the tint down the sides!!

We used a Global QDP 5 % limo black window film, as the rear truckman top already had a dark film applied over privacy glass. This gives the same dark limo finish with full privacy in the rear of the D-Max.

Our range of Global QDP window films provide a perfect match for factory window tints.


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